Since 1816, Poli’s name has been a synonym of commitment and reliability; that year Domenico Poli established a shipyard for fisher boats in Chioggia (Venice) - Italy. This yard was gradually enlarged by Domenico’s sons until it became the first to launch a steel steamship in the Adriatic Sea ranking itself as the fifth in Italy (1913). The Two World Wars forced the Polis to move their plant first to Milan with the acquisition of Corbella Longoni and the production of marine engines and later to Romanengo and Camisano (Lombardia - Italy). Here, production was devoted to mechanical products and since 1952 it has been extended to railway components. In the following years, many patents have been achieved thanks to research and studies leading the company to international success.

In 2009 the acquisition of the brand “Imago”; since 2002 the brand is famous for their luxury open cruisers. The production take place in a new cutting edge Ship Yard located in Palazzolo (Bs – Italy) , the plant has a modern system of three double bays able to work on nine yachts of up to 72 feet simultaneously.